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FREE Holland Lop (Dwarf) x Dwarf Lionhead Bunnies – can deliver

Published: January 24, 2022 (5 months ago)
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Bunnies are free to good homes, you must agree to allow your bunny (or bunnies) to have a few hours of free roam time outside of their pen each day as it is unkind to leave a rabbit in a small area permanently. Available bunnies are one bunny that is pure white with blue eyes, the two white fluffy spotted and the grey fluffy one. We will not be having any more bunnies after this litter so we are more concerned with finding amazing homes than we are concerned with making money:)

Both buck and doe are incredibly friendly. They are the most affectionate buns we have ever had and they litter trained easily. The buck, Theodore, is a Holland Lop, 3lbs 2oz. He has marble eyes, bright pale blue on the bottom and brown on top. He is *not* wary of strangers, we joke that he is not a rabbit but a tiny dog because he is that friendly! The doe, Rhubarb, is a little larger (though still very much a dwarf!) at 3lbs 7oz, she is a VM Single Mane Lionhead (VM = Vienna Marked which mean pure, bright blue eyes). She definitely behaves more like a rabbit! She is a little shy around strangers but once she knows you, she loves to lay on laps, lick faces and thump her foot when you stop petting her! Both rabbits love to be picked up, held and cuddled. They are calm when having their nails clipped and filed and when having their hair brushed.

The kits have been handled since birth. These kits are *very* used to humans. They were born on December 9th, a time when the entire family was home nearly all of the time, with lots of time to cuddle, pet and love on the little ones. These kits are growing into very friendly bunnies! They will be accustomed to being picked up, held and pet. Their feet are gently touched daily in order to ensure that they are more comfortable with their nails being clipped and filed by their humans in the future. The little ones already exclusively use the litter box to go pee and they uses it for droppings about 80% of the time.

Please text or call if you are interested. We are able to deliver within the Kootenays or meet you somewhere around halfway between our respective locations should you happen to live far away from us.